Tuesday, July 3, 2012

American Flag!

It may look difficult but it's actually kinda easy to do if you have a lot of patience so here are the steps !
What you need:
1. scissors
2. Tape
3. Dotting Pen or Nail Art Pen or Toothpick
Red - Face Shop
White - Face Shop
Blue - Face Shop
Base Coat - Revlon
Top Coat - Revlon
Dotting Pen - Etude House
Small Brush - Cotman


Step 1:
Using the Base Coat

Step 2:
Tape a small corner of your nails , make it  a small rectangle shape. This is for the blue part of the flag 

Step 3:
Color your nail with blue
 So, this is my blue nail polish and i'm using face shop nail polish. you shouldn't using this face shop blue nail polish too, just using the nail polish you have

and it's become like this

Step 4:
pull your tape after the blue nail polish it dried.
and color the rest of your nail with white
wait for 15-30mins until your nail polish is dried

Step 5:
Use this brush to make the red line in your nail
 be careful when you make the red line it's a little too hard.
and remember use the small harp brush so it will looks good

Step 6:
using your dotting tool or you can use toothpick 
just add some white nail polish to your dotting tool
and make a little circle to the blue one

Step 7:
After it's dried, just add some top coat to protect your nail 
so it's not be broken or lump up

Step 8:
your done!

Well there we have it , American flag at your finger tips ! Very cool huh ?? It's really super simple if you have patience ! Thanks guys , that will be all for today , i promise i'll update my blog once i'm free and i will be back with new nails :D 

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 xo,R ♥

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