Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Of Colors

Hi! it's been a long time since i post my last post. i'm too busy with my school schedule. so  s o r r y :(
But today, i have an idea to share with you guys.
It's kind of 'art of colors'
well, you know. i'm so addicted with nail art.
So, i want to share all of my nail art photos. Hope you guys like it!

I'm just a little bored. so i decide to do this on my fingers. what do you think? :p

Blue Marble Nail art♥
(sorry if it looks a little messed up. i haven't cleaned up my nails yet)

 Newspaper Nail Art ♥
(and sorry if the news paper didn't looks so good
i used alcohol 50%, and this is the result
i think you need alcohol 70% to make this good)

Mustache Man Nail Art ♥

 Pinky Valentine Nail Art ♥

 3 Little Pigs Nail art ♥

 Cute Little Duck ♥

That's all. Hope you enjoy to reading my post.
Bye-Bye <3

xo,R ♥

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