Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little thing

Come back again? hahaha, i still have a few days to spend my summer!
And there's nothing to do. so i decide to do some little thing with my cousin,her name is Jesslyn Edgina . and this is some picture of my nail art with her

Baby pink - Face shop
Pink- Face shop
Dotting pen - Etude house
Nail art pen black - Etude house

Tadaaa, this is the result. what do you think? ^^

And she gave me some yummy cookis from mrs. fields . you should try this!
 This is the best cookies ever :p

Thankyou for reading my post. see you guys later! ^^
And i'm sorry if i didn't post this nail art tutorial. and sorry for next month i can't post my nail art tutorial again. because i'm going back to school already. sorry :(

xo,R ♥

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