Tuesday, August 21, 2012


i'm going to be yellow-green's person for day two in thailand. And by the way, i know you want my green jeans don't you? Well, you can search it on Zara, Lea, and anything else. But it's around 400-500k if you buy it on zara or lea.

And my target today is going to Madame Tussauds BANGKOK. And i reach it, yeeeayyyy! It was such a good place <3

Do you know who is him? it's David Beckham. Kyaaaa ~ ♥
And dear beliebers, i have something special for you. And i know you will be like it. Want to know it?
Tadaaaaa~ ♥
 Jealous or not? I know all beliebers is jealous :p i'm sorry to make you jealous. hahaha^^v
Here are some photos when i'm in madame tussauds, then my activity just like all girls loved SHOPPING!!! Shopping in thailand such an paradise, there's so much cheap product with a high quality and i know you won't regret it.
And i spending the last night in bangkok with going to Hard Rock cafe in bangkok with my tour guide and one of my tour's friend until around 11pm. 
And now i miss Thailand so MUCH. And i miss my tour guide, and all of my tour's friends. kyaa ><
Anyone want to give me a ticket to go to thailand? :p ♥
Recommended, you should go to thai!  ♥

xo, R ♥

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