Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Symphony

Mid test is getting nearby! Oh No T___T
Well, this is my lastoutfit photos for this September. I'm gonna study more for mid test, of course.
And this is my photosession before i study. when i wore this my mom said, my outfir reminded her  of COSMOPOLITAN GIRL
LOL, but i still love this outfit, hope you guys love it too!

finally took the jackets off because it was too hot
Black cutted dress - Romwe , black heels - fld, accecories - brought it from bandung
Sorry for not talk much. andi'm not going to post anthing for one week from now. i should prepare for my mid term. since i know i'm not ready yet. and these day is really bring me a bad luck from a 'cat' in my school. i was shocked because that annoying cat for 2 times a week. and it's just embaressed me, because i scream too loud. and now i just fell from stairs because that cat, AGAIN scared me for the three times in A WEEK. you know what, i hate cats! and fall down from the stairs is just so hurt T^T well with me luck for my mid term. God bless me, and you too!
wish this card brings a tons of luck for me!
xo, R♥