Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

*hoams* what a lazy day. I know it almost mid term time, but i'm going more lazier to study. *hiks*

so this is my 'lazy home outfit' this night. Well, being home is like being in heaven.i always can doing something in my own home. even my school task is waiting for me.
High Heels in home? no, i didn't wear high heels in my room actually. hahha. But, high heels is every girls best friend isn't it? :p
Why did i blog my daily style for? not to show how to be a looking good all the time, but to be able to look good anytime i want!
 Knitted Top - Simple Red , Stocking - Annabel, Acc - Manson&me , High Heels - Absolute, Hat - Wrangler

Enjoy your night fellas! It's great to having a great time today. But don't forget to study for mid term, and do your task. thanks for reading. Follow my instagram please if you have an instagram too, 'ribkamalisee' thanks!

'Fashion is not frivolous a part of being alive today'
xo, R♥

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