Sunday, September 9, 2012

it's Sunday!

Blazer : Avenue collection - Skirt : Foreign Label - Sneakers : Gosh - Mustache neckle : Mason & Me (P.S: This is not a dress)
So,this is my outfit in sunday when i'm going for school. Sorry for not updating my blog these days. I've been busy with school projecr and exam. And also,as an OSIS i must meeting for my shcool competition on October. This is a big event. So i must help my teacherto do this. *sigh*

Mason & Me neckle
Actuallyi want to update my blog yesterday.But i just can't. I have a lot job to do. I have to finishing my painting. I promised to share mypainting afterit's done. And i should do some school homework. *sigh* and then, my SLR usb is g o n e. And i wish i can ask google 'where  my SLR usb' and google will answer 'In your desk' fiuh. but  i'm so glad i found it again after crying and ask my mom to help me find my SLR usb. Glad my mom found it, thanks so much mommy! i know, my mom would be there for me whenever i need her. She is mysuperhero, and ilovehersomuch!! But after i want to uploade my photo, my internet connection is can not connected. i'm just like *ARRRGGHHH WHAT A DAYY!!* you know, that thing was so easily to change my mood -___-  
And, Oh. i'm sorry for the ugly photo. I capture it by my self. As itold you, my sister is already going back to her collage :( and i miss her like so muchh *crying* but i promise to capture it more good than this, or maybe not? :p but i;m trying my best. See ya!
R, ♥

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