Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mix And Match!

So, i'm about bored this night. And i decide to mix and match my clothes. Well, my mom angry with my because my wardrobe is so messy. Sorry mom, promise to fix it later!:p
I just love to mic and match my clothes. Because i can get a new style from it. yep, a new creativity:)
And i just wanna say thanks for my blog followers, you guys are amazing! Thanks for following me! Love you. 

 Dress - Topshop, Outwear - Cloth Inc Stocking - Brought it on Thailand , Wedges - Connection
 Sorry for didn't capture it good. As always, i capture it by myself. Hiks T^T 
Thanks for reading my blog anyway! Sorry can't talk much, i should study for tomorrowexam now. See y'all!

If you had time, please look my instagram on@ribkamalisee. Thanks!
xo, R ♥

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