Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poster Competition

I still feel not good today. This flu is still with me. Hiks, i slept with my dad sweeter last night. because i'm feeling so cold last night. Ant it's feels so great, my dad's sweater make's me feel warm!
Well, i know that's my fault. i keep pushing my self to do my job. btw, i join a poster competition on my school. what's do you think is better?

Which one you prefer at?I really thanks for my cousin who help me with this! She's really kind and i love her so much :*
This my result for my poster competition. Really hope i can win this, actually i've do my best to win this. (i've no strength in adobe photoshop's edited, i can't edit anything! I'm only good at making a wall-magazine, doing a entrepreneur's project, singing, drawing and painting :( sorry). Can you please help me to pray for me to win this? it's not an easy competition! each class should have at least 5 people to join this competition. Well, the topic of this poster is about 'being humble' so i made this quote. I really have no idea when i thinking about quote. My head still dizzy. Don't know why. But i must get well really soon, i have my mid term next week. 

And i'm really sorry for didn't post very much for this last 2 weeks. I must get ready for my mid term. you can contact me on my e-mail or my twitter @ribkamalise if you miss me. I make sure i'll reply your text or your mention soon as you text/mention me! i'm gonna me you guys so much! 
But it's really nice to having a great time writing post today. I should doing my home-work. See u soon guys!

xo, R♥

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