Friday, September 21, 2012

Terrible Flu

Hello folks! i'm caught a flu tonight. And it's really killing me slowly. i really hate flu! flu always bring me down, i never can think whenever i caught a flu. my head is so dizzy. am i the only one who feel that?
Well, actually. my condition didn't fit yesterday. but i keep pushing my self to do my activity that day. mom has told me to having a rest after school. but i just don't want to. i should do an extra curricular (eskul) after school. i take badminton for this semester. i really wanna have a rest, but i should come because i already absent for about 3 weeks! *hiks* T^T

how's your school day? i just have a week for study well until my mid term started. and i'm so n e r v o u s about my report then. my mom promised me to give me a new dior shoes and my dad promised me to buying me a new slr's lens if i got a high score for my report! and i should have a good grade!

sorry for the messy hair&face! i really feeling unwell when i do my blog's photoshoot:(

Polka-dot Dress - Romwe, Wallet - (gift from mom's friend, she bought it from London) , Heels - Connection

Promised to updated my blog again when i feel better then this. Once again sorry for the messy things :( *hiks* 
i really want to hear your comment about my blog, i receive any criticism from you, just contact me on or from my twitter @ribkamalise. Thankyou!

  xo, R♥

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