Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, today i take a chance to change my Saturday into satrie-day! And it's done! I really having a quality time today with my friends. it is so great! One of my friend is having a birthday party today, and i decide to wearing this red vintage to his birthday party!

i really don't realize it, my hair is grown up too long! (Last time i cut my hair until my chest) well, i rather to having a long hair than the short one. i really love my long hair right now *kiss* hahaha.

Am i look a little bit fat? i don't know why it's happen. but everyone says that i still the same. but i feel like all of my clothes is getting smaller, and that's means i'm getting fat? well, actually, i always eat as much as i want. because i never getting fat at all. it's so hard for me to getting fat. but the fact i'm so thin :(

Owl tank top - unbranded (brought it from Thailand), flowers hot pants - Color Box, red cardigan - Zara, socks - unbranded, wedges - A Little Thing She Needs, necklace - A Little things she needs, little bag - brought from Thailand, hand accessories - Mason&Me 

There's still a lot photos that i haven't uploaded yet. it still on my friend camera. (i didn't bring my SLR, my slr battery is low) promised to updated it later, after i got all of my photos from my friends. So, wait for my next post,kay? See ya!
 xo, R ♥

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