Friday, October 12, 2012

Chill out!

Hi guys! :D
Today's outfit is going to be simple. this is my favourite because it looks so comfortable and it is!!
These days my mom saying that i look more older than i used to be -_- yeah i know that exactly because of my height! i'm the third grade of secondary school and my height is about 165. please, who wants my 5cm? i really feel un-comfortable with my height. because when i used heels/wedges i look so old just like a collage's student. well, i envy you who can enjoy their heels and wedges without afraid they will look so tall or look older than their used to be.  So, today i decide to take my blog photoshoot with my sweet flat shoes. it feels comfortable too! But this is life, just enjoy whatyou get. becaue there's only one youin this whole world. just chill out! you won't be fashionable without passion and confidence! :D


Red tank top - Mobile power , Outwear - Ninety Degrees , Leopard Hotpants - Thailand unbranded , Dream catcher necklace - Indigo Shop
Well, this super cute teddy bear was given by my close friend. it's really cute, really.and i love it much! it's cute isn't it?
Backpack bag - Charles & Keith

Flat shoes - Berry Benka
Isn't it a match brown coloured for my flat and for my leopard pants with my lovely teddy bear? ♥
well, i used this quick blog photoshoot outfit when i want to having a family dinner time in restaurant. seriously, i miss my sister. but there's a good news, she will comeback on next week. and i wished that i can do my blog photoshoot with her! ♥
and i'm going to have a bazzar inmy school on Friday and Saturday. and the good news is i'm wearing a cosplay(Costum Play)!! promised to upload my cosplay photo next week when the bazzar begin. really can't wait to wearing my cosplay outfit.
well, see you on my next post!


  1. cute and sweet!
    we have a same dreamcacther!

    1. it's really nice to have a same thing with you! :p
      thanks anyway! <3

  2. You look simple cute! Love the bag and the lovely teddy :D

  3. You look so cute! Thank you for following me, follow you back already :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. i really love your shoes
    and don't be afraid with your height, you can be a model maybe?
    anyway, followed your blog :)
    mind to follow each other?

    1. thanks :)
      yeah, i want to but my dad won't let me be a model :(
      i have follow you already, follow me back please?

  5. unique necklace :)

  6. Hello dear...Thanks for visiting my blog and left comment there..:D you've nice style and nice blog..:)

    it's a nice idea to follow each other, i'll follow you first and i hope to hear from you soon..i also hope we can keep contact by visiting each other blog..


    1. sure, i've followed you already!
      thanks anyway <3

  7. Your legs are so long~ >u< I'm jealous!
    I'm 165cm too (have been since high school), so I kind of understand how you feel. Luckily for me, I'm only considered average height in Canada~ I actually wish I was taller, to be honest! >u<

    1. why? I'm sure your height is so ideal now :D
      well, having a tall body was like a nightmare for me, i really wish right now i just having 150cm. *hiks*

  8. you're at such a perfect height! Enjoy it! I totally stopped growing probably back in grade 10, and I'll forever be stuck at 160-ish cm :( Really cute outfit btw!