Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Almost everything is dark

how it feels, to be judged with something that not you? it's been a rough week for me since i realize my life was fulled with problems. i just feel so down. and i realize, i always lost people i loved. they just go away without a reason why. and it feels so hurt. i always be there for everyone else and also i need someone to be there for me, to comforting me and to tell me that everything it gonna be okay. and if someone asks me whoi want to be with, i would simply say "someone who can understand, that i'm not perfect and who will never leave me". i just want someone who will understand me even no words are spoken. and the hardest part about walking away from someone is that you know, no matter how long you go they willnever run after you. "the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain"

i really hope this tears will stop running someday, i hope the warm sunshines dries these tears. i lost strength in my legs and drop down. everyday i hold out to comforting myself "it will be alright" but it makes me afraid little by little. i tell myself to believe on myself but i don't. Now, i don't know how longer i can hold out but i will wait. although the night is long, the sun will comes up. someday, my painful heart will get well. and i hope God will help me, i don't have enough confidencemore and more to overcome myself - ( Someday - IU)

so many people have left my life. so from now on,as soon as i meet someone new, i will be prepared for the worst since they always keep hurting me all over again.

A silent tear fall from her eyes
As she fell on her knees and cry
No one can see her pain filled life
it dosen't show in her hazel eyes
Dejected, rejected
Unappreciated and not respected
Alone and so desolated
She never ever felt so hurt
Trying so hard to get back on top
Everytime she tried
They pushed her back down
Right back where she started
Nobody sees the pain inside
She wears a mask to hide
All the scars
Now all she could do is weep and cry
Dignity loss, together with her pride
There is no one by her side
To even let her try
I don't even know why, everytime i read this poem, my heart is hurt. suddenly all of my past was appear andi really don't know how to stand it because that's all i feel now, rejected. and actually this poem was given by my teacher for my final term's test. 

and i'm really sorry for didn't share anything here. i just want to givingup my feeling because it's really hurts to thinking about this bymyself. and anyway, i'm going to have a final test tomorrow,and i'm sorry for didn't reply your comment until weekend or untul my final was done. and i'm going to have a little renovation on my blog after final, just wait for that :)

Head up, fake smile and move on :')


  1. Ya! Eonni! Hwaitingg ^ ^ )9
    Don't think about ur problems, just keep smile cause life must go on ^ ^

  2. following u back dear..:D and btw, cheer up. A lot of people will come on your live and it's not good to give attention to people who turn their back on you. You surely will face lots of difficult and heart-breaking situations, but they happen just to make you stronger..:D

    and the most important is, don't fake your smile, because a smile that come from heart will make you look even prettier~ :D


    1. but i can't that you already following me back *hiks* T_T

      and anyway, thank you so much for cheering me up! i felt so much better right now. thanks :*

  3. Hello dear, thank you for stopping by and i'd really love to follow your blog but seems like i cant find the link. i dont know is it my laptop's fault or something but could you please kindly give me the link? i'll follow your blog then ^^

    cheer up and have a nice day! :D

    1. sure i'll comment it on your blog already! and anyway thanks ;)

  4. huah, i'm sorry, since you don't provide Google Friend Connect for following your blog, i copy paste your blog into my dashboard..:3 and your bloglovin isn't working...D: maybe you can tell me where should i go to follow your cute blog..>.<


  5. you're really pretty! <3 do you want to follow each other? I'm following your blog :D

    Sweet Peppermint Girl

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