Thursday, December 6, 2012

Desember Coming!

Jinggle bell jinggle bell jinggle all the way~

it's december already!! omg, it feels like i just woken up and yesterday is still january. and when i woke up i felt the cool weather and the sound of the rain. and it's wet season already! that's means the weather become cool. and i hope indonesia has a winter season T_T it's could be fun.
anyway, sorry for the late update. i'm doing a final exam right now, and tomorrow is my last day of finalexam. leggoooo~ ^^
i just have time now, i'm very busy last week and also yesterday. and i capture this outfit when i'm going to having a dinner. and also, i'm in hurry so i can't take a lot of photoshoot cause i still must study.
and annyoingly, i should do two times exam for indonesian subjects, english, science, mathematics, and social study from goverment's school. they say because my school is a national plus school so i must do twice and it's annoying for sure. i should do a 8 days with full of final exam that really make my head blow up!

wols hat, laces shirt, blue warm blazer, heels and don't forget the skirt that will showing you as a feminime was perfectly match for this rainy season! yep, since it rainy, i spend my time for sleep :p
anyway, i do some photos edited from my ipad, what do you think? sorry if the second picture has a grammar error-_-



  1. Love hose quotes ! Good job hun :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  2. Cute pict eonni! And the quote.. :3

  3. you look so cute! I love beanie hat :)

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    Missing Bee

  4. lovely outfit! i love your beanie! xx

  5. lovely and cute <3
    and the quotes :) wanna follow each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  6. cutee!

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  7. Very cute :D
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  8. Hello, I would love to follow you, but I cant find your GFC gadget :/

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  10. Done Ribka. Hope you follow back mine. Thanks. :)

  11. of course i want:)
    just follow my blog, i'll follow you back asap dear :)

  12. Cute pictures :)
    Your outfit is pretty :)