Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final Fantasy

as i told you on my last post, i will do a cosplay this week, and i do it! we do a final fantasy for today's cosplay, yea final fantasy type 6. you should to it too it's really fun and we enjoyed it much. now itt's kinda sad to know that it's already over :(
and this week, my school just started their new event, we having a smile competition for primary school. smile competition is a competition between school in here. there's a futsall competition, a mini volley-ball competition and of course because my school is a national plus school we having a speech and spelling be competition
well, here some our cosplay photos,enjoy! :)

final fantasy - type 6

by the way, the one guy who wear a black clothes, he is a cosplayer too. but this time, he choose to be a vamire. mm, actually i think he's more like shinigami ( shinigami is name from death note), RYUK! hahaha,kidding he's more like a god of the death. am i right? :p well, two cosplayer ( ace , deuce) with a god of the death kidding a vampire one xD

 really, i'm having the best cosplay photoshoot ever, and i'm really proud of that. well, my clothes design was from final fantasy and it is isn't easy. i made this clothes with a expensive price and searching people who wants to make our clothes *fiuh* it's really tiring.

 eventhough we tired, show must go one wight? well, keep smiling and say cheese if someone wants to take a picture!!^^

this is the one of all of our photos in my slr with our fans~! kidding

 what do you think about my costume? i like it, yes. very much :)
wishing that i have another time to wearing a cosplay, again
btw, sorry for posting so much photos, because there's so much photos are good and i reallywana share it.hope you enjoyed it much!
So, YAY or NAY for our cosplay? one of your comment means a lot for me, thanks! btw follow me on my twitter @ribkamalise and my instagram @ribkamalise_, feel free to ask a followback.
arigato gozaimas! :D