Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wet already!

Hello, it's been a while since i updated  my last post. i'm really sorry for that. i'm really having a hard week, either the season on my country has changed, it's wet! and that's mean the weather is cool, and i can't stand with cool. cool always bring sickness to me, either flu or cold. and i've been busy preparing for my story telling competition next week. well actually this is the first time i join in story telling competition. i've join a speech cometition once when i was in primary school. well thanks for my native(he's from philipina) teacher, who believed in me and asking me to join story telling competition and i'm the only one student that he choose for the first time. but the bad thing he's gone to singapore last thursday and leaving me here, alone to preparing my competition, so pity._. but anyway i'm really thankful to him.
well, what's about your country? it's still hot or it's been coller? yeah, mine is getting cool. and i should wearing my dad's sweater again(it's because his sweater was so warm and so comfortable!). and because it's changed to a new weather, i have a new sense of fashion, it more looks so simple, but that's so comfortable!

top - the executive , skirt - cloth-inc , bag - mayonette
it is such a comfortable outfit and really match for my fashion sense this week. anyway,getting more feminim is okay right? :) and actually,these days i always prefer to watching running man(korean variety show), reading neither novel nor comic, playing with my cuttie dolls, and drinking a hot tea. it feels so comfortable, and it's good for our body.


isn't that cute to read novel with my little panda? cuteee>.< that panda was my birthday gift from my close friend, really thanks very much! ^^

well,in this raining day, it just remembering me of  IU songs "rain drop" and you should heard it this song was good. i love all of IU songs, the meaning was everything that inside my heart and also her voice is really good!
anyway, in the end i just wanna say happy birthday to my prettiest-gorgeous cousin! klik here to open her blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY COUSIN~


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final Fantasy

as i told you on my last post, i will do a cosplay this week, and i do it! we do a final fantasy for today's cosplay, yea final fantasy type 6. you should to it too it's really fun and we enjoyed it much. now itt's kinda sad to know that it's already over :(
and this week, my school just started their new event, we having a smile competition for primary school. smile competition is a competition between school in here. there's a futsall competition, a mini volley-ball competition and of course because my school is a national plus school we having a speech and spelling be competition
well, here some our cosplay photos,enjoy! :)


final fantasy - type 6

by the way, the one guy who wear a black clothes, he is a cosplayer too. but this time, he choose to be a vamire. mm, actually i think he's more like shinigami ( shinigami is name from death note), RYUK! hahaha,kidding he's more like a god of the death. am i right? :p well, two cosplayer ( ace , deuce) with a god of the death kidding a vampire one xD

 really, i'm having the best cosplay photoshoot ever, and i'm really proud of that. well, my clothes design was from final fantasy and it is isn't easy. i made this clothes with a expensive price and searching people who wants to make our clothes *fiuh* it's really tiring.

 eventhough we tired, show must go one wight? well, keep smiling and say cheese if someone wants to take a picture!!^^

this is the one of all of our photos in my slr with our fans~! kidding
 what do you think about my costume? i like it, yes. very much :)
wishing that i have another time to wearing a cosplay, again
btw, sorry for posting so much photos, because there's so much photos are good and i reallywana share it.hope you enjoyed it much!
So, YAY or NAY for our cosplay? one of your comment means a lot for me, thanks! btw follow me on my twitter @ribkamalise and my instagram @ribkamalise_, feel free to ask a followback.
arigato gozaimas! :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

Chill out!

Hi guys! :D
Today's outfit is going to be simple. this is my favourite because it looks so comfortable and it is!!
These days my mom saying that i look more older than i used to be -_- yeah i know that exactly because of my height! i'm the third grade of secondary school and my height is about 165. please, who wants my 5cm? i really feel un-comfortable with my height. because when i used heels/wedges i look so old just like a collage's student. well, i envy you who can enjoy their heels and wedges without afraid they will look so tall or look older than their used to be.  So, today i decide to take my blog photoshoot with my sweet flat shoes. it feels comfortable too! But this is life, just enjoy whatyou get. becaue there's only one youin this whole world. just chill out! you won't be fashionable without passion and confidence! :D


Red tank top - Mobile power , Outwear - Ninety Degrees , Leopard Hotpants - Thailand unbranded , Dream catcher necklace - Indigo Shop
Well, this super cute teddy bear was given by my close friend. it's really cute, really.and i love it much! it's cute isn't it?
Backpack bag - Charles & Keith

Flat shoes - Berry Benka
Isn't it a match brown coloured for my flat and for my leopard pants with my lovely teddy bear? ♥
well, i used this quick blog photoshoot outfit when i want to having a family dinner time in restaurant. seriously, i miss my sister. but there's a good news, she will comeback on next week. and i wished that i can do my blog photoshoot with her! ♥
and i'm going to have a bazzar inmy school on Friday and Saturday. and the good news is i'm wearing a cosplay(Costum Play)!! promised to upload my cosplay photo next week when the bazzar begin. really can't wait to wearing my cosplay outfit.
well, see you on my next post!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blue Sunday

I'm so blue. i feel dissapointed with myself. i got some bad score on my mid terms :( eventhough it's not under the kkm. i still felt dissapointed with that. but not only me that felt dissapointed, my teacher said so. I usually good at this subject and always get a high score. i don't know why it can be like this. this ismy punishment because playing to hard. and foget to study. i know this is my fault. But i really thank to my mom, she didn't mad at me beacuse i get a bad score eventhough i know she's a little dissapointed too:(

Studded denim vest - GOWIGASA , lace tank top - Novel.mice , blue cat skirt - Thailand unbranded , mini skirt bag - christ boutique

And, guess what? my Indonesian teacher said that the biggest score on our indonesian's mid terms was 76!! just 2 TWO PERSON GOT 76. oh my,it's okay i didn't get 76, but please let me get 75 -_- it's really a bad score, and i really never understand why we should have indonesian subject when everyday we always speak's suck.  

i'm really feeling blue with this. :( yea, i hope my mid terms report won't be bad just because this suck score. i really hate mid's really hard to get a good score on my mid terms. i don't know why,i always have a little problem with my mid test. i always lost my concentration on my mid terms, i don't know why i felt that nevous.hiks
that's all. i'm going to have dinner with my parents in 5 minuetes. so, thanks for reading and enjoy my selca photos. ily <3

'take a deep breath, it's just a bad day not a bad life' - mom
xo, R♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello October!

yayyy, it's October already! what a fresh October and finally i can write a new post here. anyeong~
i've done all of my mid test today, i know i have a really hard week. this midterm i have 3 subjects in a day, and all of this just make me having a panda eyes T_T

Carrie Top Creme- GOWIGASA, Skirt - Foreign Label, Vintage Bag- Thailand unbranded, Heels - i design and made it.

i was in hurry when i do my blog photoshoot. Because i'm going to have my late lunch with my mom, and going to watch a movie to cheering me up after stressing with this 2 difficult subject in my midterm.Well, my mom always know what i need :p
 with my cute little animal ><
 Ring - Oasp
 I design this by myself.
My Carrie Top Creme from gowigasa
Sorry for the blur photo, i take this in a hurry. promised to give you the good photo of mine. See ya!

Xo, R♥