Monday, January 21, 2013

Vietnam In The Night

Sorry for didn't post anything as far. i busy, super try out has been started plus i must practice for my next cosplay comeptition. beside that i have some errorw while uploading my post these days. my internet working really slow plus my web browsing has a little error so i'm really sorry for that :(
anyway, since i can't post my look, i will post about Vietnam view's in the night. the best night view ever in town. they did amazed me, so much <3

coming soon my fashion blogger on 2013! wait for that fellas! <3

xo, R

Saturday, December 22, 2012


i told you right i'm going to Vietnam last Tuesday? and it was g r e a t!! i'm having a great time there for shopping since my hotels are near with the famous shopping center in there. and i thought they had a rainy season too there, not. they having a summer there, and i swear it's really hot. 

here are the best ice-cream in town! ♥

what i wear? top - asos, cardigan - zara, jeans - gaudi, vendora hat - mangga 2

sorry for can't talking much, i'm still on my holiday. anyway happy mothers day to all of mothers in this whole world!♥

to the only one who will never deny your existence as a child even when the worst happen. happy mother's day, mom!

xo, R

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas don't be late


you better watch out! you better not cry! better not pout!i'm telling you why. SANTA IS COMING IN H-8!!!!!!!!!

well. ok. christmas is not about santa, it's about Jesus Christ who born to the world and bring a joy for all of us. and time is way too fast, i didn't realise it's almost the end of the year, so you better not cry, smile to ended this year! and speak of christmas, have you got your early christmas present? i've got one from my mom and dad, and it's really special!

i'm going to travel to vietnam tomorrow!!!

well,it's the best present i ever had, but still i have one list wishes that may not come true :( but, finally! i'll go to vietnam tomorrow for my christmas holiday, and it will be fun!

but they said, the world will end on this 21 December. many people still believe it but not me. and if it's true, i won't worry 'cause i have Jesus on my life now :) but still everygirl hoping that they will got a text message on 21th december like this "if world end today, i just want to let you know that i love you" aw. it's way too sweet <3

and for the photos i'm really sorry because i can't take with a dark light, don't know why. i already turn off allof the light. and also i take that photos in about 10.30 p.m last night. and last night was raining so hard to welcoming the brand new day!
and anyway, i'm learning some dance move right now since i'm crazy with boA song "only one" and the dance move was great!watch this~

well, happy holiday!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Love was meant for each other

With my older sister^^
Last friday i just went to jakarta to attend my cousin's wedding. and in that time i realize that love was really meant for each other since they two look perfectly fit each other. because they always be there when one of them need someone, and halping each other like a real family. and it was really looks so sweet^^

and anyway, i have made a love letter, here you go <3

dear someone,
thanks for being there when i needed a shoulder to cry and lean on, for patiently listening to my personal problems. and i just want you to know how happy i am to have you in my life and i thank God for that. thank you for the love and the joy you bring. you've changed my life.

you're the only one who gives my heart some excitement and thrills. when i'm with you i feel like i'm out of control. you taught me to handle my life seriously, you taught me how to solve my problems and to face it wothout any fears and tears.. when i'm with you, i feel no fear, not even a single one

I know that when you say you love me and i admit that i've fallen for you, i know that i wouldn't shed any tears from now on. I love you and that's what i want you to bear in your mind, and it's for keeps.

yours, and only yours
me <3
(P.S: this is not for my bf. i made this for my friend because she need a love letter for her mos on school)

and this two is my younger cousin, the first one named matthew, and the secong one (cutie baby) is louis. they two were sooo damn cute! especially the baby boy louis. he's just about 3-4 month and is really cute. all the do is just sleeping-crying-eating-and sleeping again. and oh, when he's yawning,his cheeck is soooo cubby and it's really cute  >< omg

anyway,before i went to jakarta. i decided to paint my nail. and since i'm free from school and can do nail-art as much as i want^^ yipiiieee. and sorry for do not posting the tutorial nail art, because i have no time for making the tutorial, i was busy packing. but you should to that nailart too,it's cute eventhough it's really hard to make. 

ah, sorry for bad quality of photo. i took it with my camera digital since i didn't bring my slr because it's too heavy T_T and i'm too lazy to bring any of heavy things since i went on friday and going back on sunday.


it was eary sunday, i take this photo after finishing my breakfast and decided to take some selca while waiting for the right time to go to airport. once again sorry for the bad quality of photo T_T
what i wear? top - zara basic, bottom - polo black hot pants, tanktop - giordano, camera digital - kodak

and big thanks to my sist who made me hair become curly. i really love it <3

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Desember Coming!

Jinggle bell jinggle bell jinggle all the way~

it's december already!! omg, it feels like i just woken up and yesterday is still january. and when i woke up i felt the cool weather and the sound of the rain. and it's wet season already! that's means the weather become cool. and i hope indonesia has a winter season T_T it's could be fun.
anyway, sorry for the late update. i'm doing a final exam right now, and tomorrow is my last day of finalexam. leggoooo~ ^^
i just have time now, i'm very busy last week and also yesterday. and i capture this outfit when i'm going to having a dinner. and also, i'm in hurry so i can't take a lot of photoshoot cause i still must study.
and annyoingly, i should do two times exam for indonesian subjects, english, science, mathematics, and social study from goverment's school. they say because my school is a national plus school so i must do twice and it's annoying for sure. i should do a 8 days with full of final exam that really make my head blow up!

wols hat, laces shirt, blue warm blazer, heels and don't forget the skirt that will showing you as a feminime was perfectly match for this rainy season! yep, since it rainy, i spend my time for sleep :p
anyway, i do some photos edited from my ipad, what do you think? sorry if the second picture has a grammar error-_-


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Almost everything is dark

how it feels, to be judged with something that not you? it's been a rough week for me since i realize my life was fulled with problems. i just feel so down. and i realize, i always lost people i loved. they just go away without a reason why. and it feels so hurt. i always be there for everyone else and also i need someone to be there for me, to comforting me and to tell me that everything it gonna be okay. and if someone asks me whoi want to be with, i would simply say "someone who can understand, that i'm not perfect and who will never leave me". i just want someone who will understand me even no words are spoken. and the hardest part about walking away from someone is that you know, no matter how long you go they willnever run after you. "the prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain"

i really hope this tears will stop running someday, i hope the warm sunshines dries these tears. i lost strength in my legs and drop down. everyday i hold out to comforting myself "it will be alright" but it makes me afraid little by little. i tell myself to believe on myself but i don't. Now, i don't know how longer i can hold out but i will wait. although the night is long, the sun will comes up. someday, my painful heart will get well. and i hope God will help me, i don't have enough confidencemore and more to overcome myself - ( Someday - IU)

so many people have left my life. so from now on,as soon as i meet someone new, i will be prepared for the worst since they always keep hurting me all over again.

A silent tear fall from her eyes
As she fell on her knees and cry
No one can see her pain filled life
it dosen't show in her hazel eyes
Dejected, rejected
Unappreciated and not respected
Alone and so desolated
She never ever felt so hurt
Trying so hard to get back on top
Everytime she tried
They pushed her back down
Right back where she started
Nobody sees the pain inside
She wears a mask to hide
All the scars
Now all she could do is weep and cry
Dignity loss, together with her pride
There is no one by her side
To even let her try
I don't even know why, everytime i read this poem, my heart is hurt. suddenly all of my past was appear andi really don't know how to stand it because that's all i feel now, rejected. and actually this poem was given by my teacher for my final term's test. 

and i'm really sorry for didn't share anything here. i just want to givingup my feeling because it's really hurts to thinking about this bymyself. and anyway, i'm going to have a final test tomorrow,and i'm sorry for didn't reply your comment until weekend or untul my final was done. and i'm going to have a little renovation on my blog after final, just wait for that :)

Head up, fake smile and move on :')