Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raffel's birthday!

Well, i already promise you to upload my other photos today, and i've got some of them. But there's still i haven't got yet, promise i'll re-new my post when i got that one.

this is my favorite teacher! (sorry if the pict is not good, i didn't bring my slr -_-) he's so cool! well, he's always understand his kid's feeling, and always be there for his kids whenever we need him. although he didn't teach us in our school, he always come to visit us and to check us if we are alright. I'm so lucky to have a teacher like him, really :) he's good

and this is my computer's (IT) teacher. He's one of my favorite teacher too! he's really good. He's kind, and he always love to hang out with his kids, although he already married and having one child. And he's a good listener, and also he's always has a good advice for us. watch this!

well, thanks for my friend too who always saying that i'm so beautiful today :) 

Well then, Happy sweet 14 raffael! Wishing you are the best, and got the lucky one one you! You know, i don't have to wishing you to be more smart right? you smart enough for me! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
 xo, R ♥

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