Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Goes Back

I know you want all of them ^^
i get it when i was in thailand airport. It's so eye-catching :p 

And before i'm going back to jakarta, i found this letter on my hotel room, omg. Who's that? i know thailand people are being nice with me, last night when i sitting on lobby hotel, 2 chef from that hotel was give me some drink. and the others didn't get any drink from them. and it taste very good. and there's one person who always stalking me and it's kind of scary actually >____< and there's always someone who looking at me like they look something nice , and the eye is like they're so happy to see me. omg, what is wrong with them? .___.

xo,R ♥


So, how's your holiday? Mine, it was so good. i'm going to thailand-bangkok. Actually, i really don't know their languages. So i speak in english. But most of all they can't speak english. And it was so tiring as everrrr. But it's good! Even though it's only 3 days. But i really enjoy it, and it was so fun.

That's my outfit when i go to thailand. I take this photos when i was waiting for my plane to boarding.
Do you love it? Well, i love my sneakers. It was present from my dad when i get the high score on my Exam in school. It's a kickers sneakers! You can buy it in Kickers store around 500k. And actually i love my parents. They always give me a present when i get a highest score on my mid terms report and my final report. And my dad want to give me a new camera lens. Do you know what's good camera lens for me?

I looks so like cat. This is my sister's sunglasses.

I was too hungry so i decide to take up a popmie and a mineral water on a plane cause it takes 3 hours to go go thailand
 Thailand! It was so good to be there~^^

You know what? In thailand there's a new transportation. The name is 'tuk tuk'
tuk tuk is like bajai, seriously :p
And that's tuk tuk!

 This is when i'm in wat pho-thailand. There's a sleeping buddha there. The long is more than 20m.

This is wat arun temple. And when i go there, i was hit by rain. Unfortunately, my tour guide gives me his jacket. But i used it to cover my SLR. And finally my SLR was safe! hahaha thankyou :p
Thailand was such a good place, i love thailand like so much! :D

To be Continued . . .