Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So, how's your holiday? Mine, it was so good. i'm going to thailand-bangkok. Actually, i really don't know their languages. So i speak in english. But most of all they can't speak english. And it was so tiring as everrrr. But it's good! Even though it's only 3 days. But i really enjoy it, and it was so fun.

That's my outfit when i go to thailand. I take this photos when i was waiting for my plane to boarding.
Do you love it? Well, i love my sneakers. It was present from my dad when i get the high score on my Exam in school. It's a kickers sneakers! You can buy it in Kickers store around 500k. And actually i love my parents. They always give me a present when i get a highest score on my mid terms report and my final report. And my dad want to give me a new camera lens. Do you know what's good camera lens for me?

I looks so like cat. This is my sister's sunglasses.

I was too hungry so i decide to take up a popmie and a mineral water on a plane cause it takes 3 hours to go go thailand
 Thailand! It was so good to be there~^^

You know what? In thailand there's a new transportation. The name is 'tuk tuk'
tuk tuk is like bajai, seriously :p
And that's tuk tuk!

 This is when i'm in wat pho-thailand. There's a sleeping buddha there. The long is more than 20m.

This is wat arun temple. And when i go there, i was hit by rain. Unfortunately, my tour guide gives me his jacket. But i used it to cover my SLR. And finally my SLR was safe! hahaha thankyou :p
Thailand was such a good place, i love thailand like so much! :D

To be Continued . . .

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