Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Day

Do you know where i take this picture? Yesss, it's from Dufan! Actually this is my old picture. I go to dufan on February. it's been so long. sorry :(
Actually i just can't wait for this 'lebaran' holiday. I'll go to Thailand. Anyone go there too? And i promised. When i get back from Thailand i'll share my photos on my blog. I just can't wait for this holiday. it was too fun! Actually my mom ask me to go to china on 3rd of August for 10 days. But i can't. School is waiting for me. Sigh. Screw you school.

 By the way, have you been bored with your school? That's what i'm feeling right now. I'm bored, so bored with my school. Actually it's ot about the subject, the teacher of something. It's about my friend. Do you ever feel like being ignored? It's was so worst when 2 bestfriend become stranger. I trust her so much, but she just disappointing me so much. I wanna give you some lesson ' never care with someone too much or you'll get so many dissapointed'

Why the one who kind will always be suffering? i don't get that, it's not fear. why? 
I may seems happy outside, but not in the inside. Feels like i wanna screams, i wanna cry. And hopping someone will be there for me and hug me tight.

And why there's always someone who's have a 'kepo' traits? a friend of mine have that. she's judging me in her twitter because i'm having a trouble with her friend. but it's her friend. not her! Please. I challenge her to say it out loud in front of my face. but she's say that i'm afraid of her. hah.please? 1 lesson for you again. Don't ever afraid to having a fight with someone as long as you're not wrong. Ah Please . . 

Just forget the topic that we talked. 
And so many people ask me 'why you didn't wear make-up?' 'you would be more beautiful when you wear make-up' and my question is. what the point if i wear make-up? i'm still 14 years old and i was still in junior high school. And i'm confused with people who happy when she's 14 years old and wearing make-up. And i just wanna say 'Hey, you look more beautiful when you didn't wear them' #FACT. 
Oh God. They all still too young to wear make-up. If you're beautiful in the way you are why you should wear them? If you're already in senior school. It's okay!

I have some friends who used make-up. and the fact is they look terrible O____O

And do my face look like 'childish'? all of my friend always call me 'sekya' (childish person) . Nvm, i like that nick name by the way :p and it feels like i always like 'forever young' . hahaha

xo,R ♥

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