Monday, July 2, 2012

Birthday Party!

26 June 2012

Well, 26June this year i reach 14 years old. And i really can't believe it. I grow old!
yeah, all of us will grow old. But me, i always dreaming that one day when i was 17. i will live happy and stay 17 FOREVER! i know, this is was your dreams too! but sorry we can't live like that! so just give thanks with all of you've got right now. 

And my story begin. in that night, i have a big family dinner. and i was so happy. but my sis bf was there too, but it's okay i'm happy. he's kind. here's some pict of mine

my super duper cute cousin :D
Andrew (i forgot his last name) :(

Cliff Handerson
Amelia Harianto

actually i was so happy until my sis give me a birthday suprise! wow

 aww... i was suprised ><
make a wish, do you know what my wish?
First of all, i just wanna thank to my sis and her boyfriend who decide this surprise birthday party for me
xo,R ♥

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