Friday, July 13, 2012

Masa Orientasi Siswa Day!

Holla! i'm here :D
and now i just want to share about our school mos. (Location : Tabek Indah, Bandar Lampung)
But sorry, i didn't capture some picture in our MOS day1 and 2. But now i'll show you some picture on our MOS day 3:D
Are you ready?
And this is our new BPK Penabur member's! ;D

Look at the last three picture! they all my friends and now i realize that they have a cute face while shock looking at me or doing something:3

And this is miss wiwik, my english teacher :D

Here we are^^
Actually we didn't have anything to do in that time, so we decide to take a picture with all of this baloon's :p

Look at their expression when doing some yell yell. Cuteee :3

And here are some picture while we doing games! ewww :D

 What a popular boy :D

 Michelle&Divia :D

 Such a cute girl :3

And we're done! :D

If you guys want to see more picture from my slr, just contact me. kay? :D
and once again, welcome to BPK penabur's family, i love you guys!! you rock!! <3

And thank you for reading my post, see you guys later!

xo,R ♥

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  1. Õoº°˚ºoº :O‎​ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo:O ºoº
    :OÕº°oo..`(_ ). Tidak!! Aku ada disana!