Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Symphony

Mid test is getting nearby! Oh No T___T
Well, this is my lastoutfit photos for this September. I'm gonna study more for mid test, of course.
And this is my photosession before i study. when i wore this my mom said, my outfir reminded her  of COSMOPOLITAN GIRL
LOL, but i still love this outfit, hope you guys love it too!

finally took the jackets off because it was too hot
Black cutted dress - Romwe , black heels - fld, accecories - brought it from bandung
Sorry for not talk much. andi'm not going to post anthing for one week from now. i should prepare for my mid term. since i know i'm not ready yet. and these day is really bring me a bad luck from a 'cat' in my school. i was shocked because that annoying cat for 2 times a week. and it's just embaressed me, because i scream too loud. and now i just fell from stairs because that cat, AGAIN scared me for the three times in A WEEK. you know what, i hate cats! and fall down from the stairs is just so hurt T^T well with me luck for my mid term. God bless me, and you too!
wish this card brings a tons of luck for me!
xo, R♥

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Poster Competition

I still feel not good today. This flu is still with me. Hiks, i slept with my dad sweeter last night. because i'm feeling so cold last night. Ant it's feels so great, my dad's sweater make's me feel warm!
Well, i know that's my fault. i keep pushing my self to do my job. btw, i join a poster competition on my school. what's do you think is better?

Which one you prefer at?I really thanks for my cousin who help me with this! She's really kind and i love her so much :*
This my result for my poster competition. Really hope i can win this, actually i've do my best to win this. (i've no strength in adobe photoshop's edited, i can't edit anything! I'm only good at making a wall-magazine, doing a entrepreneur's project, singing, drawing and painting :( sorry). Can you please help me to pray for me to win this? it's not an easy competition! each class should have at least 5 people to join this competition. Well, the topic of this poster is about 'being humble' so i made this quote. I really have no idea when i thinking about quote. My head still dizzy. Don't know why. But i must get well really soon, i have my mid term next week. 

And i'm really sorry for didn't post very much for this last 2 weeks. I must get ready for my mid term. you can contact me on my e-mail or my twitter @ribkamalise if you miss me. I make sure i'll reply your text or your mention soon as you text/mention me! i'm gonna me you guys so much! 
But it's really nice to having a great time writing post today. I should doing my home-work. See u soon guys!

xo, R♥

Friday, September 21, 2012

Terrible Flu

Hello folks! i'm caught a flu tonight. And it's really killing me slowly. i really hate flu! flu always bring me down, i never can think whenever i caught a flu. my head is so dizzy. am i the only one who feel that?
Well, actually. my condition didn't fit yesterday. but i keep pushing my self to do my activity that day. mom has told me to having a rest after school. but i just don't want to. i should do an extra curricular (eskul) after school. i take badminton for this semester. i really wanna have a rest, but i should come because i already absent for about 3 weeks! *hiks* T^T

how's your school day? i just have a week for study well until my mid term started. and i'm so n e r v o u s about my report then. my mom promised me to give me a new dior shoes and my dad promised me to buying me a new slr's lens if i got a high score for my report! and i should have a good grade!

sorry for the messy hair&face! i really feeling unwell when i do my blog's photoshoot:(

Polka-dot Dress - Romwe, Wallet - (gift from mom's friend, she bought it from London) , Heels - Connection

Promised to updated my blog again when i feel better then this. Once again sorry for the messy things :( *hiks* 
i really want to hear your comment about my blog, i receive any criticism from you, just contact me on or from my twitter @ribkamalise. Thankyou!

  xo, R♥

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

*hoams* what a lazy day. I know it almost mid term time, but i'm going more lazier to study. *hiks*

so this is my 'lazy home outfit' this night. Well, being home is like being in heaven.i always can doing something in my own home. even my school task is waiting for me.
High Heels in home? no, i didn't wear high heels in my room actually. hahha. But, high heels is every girls best friend isn't it? :p
Why did i blog my daily style for? not to show how to be a looking good all the time, but to be able to look good anytime i want!
 Knitted Top - Simple Red , Stocking - Annabel, Acc - Manson&me , High Heels - Absolute, Hat - Wrangler

Enjoy your night fellas! It's great to having a great time today. But don't forget to study for mid term, and do your task. thanks for reading. Follow my instagram please if you have an instagram too, 'ribkamalisee' thanks!

'Fashion is not frivolous a part of being alive today'
xo, R♥

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raffel's birthday!

Well, i already promise you to upload my other photos today, and i've got some of them. But there's still i haven't got yet, promise i'll re-new my post when i got that one.

this is my favorite teacher! (sorry if the pict is not good, i didn't bring my slr -_-) he's so cool! well, he's always understand his kid's feeling, and always be there for his kids whenever we need him. although he didn't teach us in our school, he always come to visit us and to check us if we are alright. I'm so lucky to have a teacher like him, really :) he's good

and this is my computer's (IT) teacher. He's one of my favorite teacher too! he's really good. He's kind, and he always love to hang out with his kids, although he already married and having one child. And he's a good listener, and also he's always has a good advice for us. watch this!

well, thanks for my friend too who always saying that i'm so beautiful today :) 

Well then, Happy sweet 14 raffael! Wishing you are the best, and got the lucky one one you! You know, i don't have to wishing you to be more smart right? you smart enough for me! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
 xo, R ♥


Well, today i take a chance to change my Saturday into satrie-day! And it's done! I really having a quality time today with my friends. it is so great! One of my friend is having a birthday party today, and i decide to wearing this red vintage to his birthday party!

i really don't realize it, my hair is grown up too long! (Last time i cut my hair until my chest) well, i rather to having a long hair than the short one. i really love my long hair right now *kiss* hahaha.

Am i look a little bit fat? i don't know why it's happen. but everyone says that i still the same. but i feel like all of my clothes is getting smaller, and that's means i'm getting fat? well, actually, i always eat as much as i want. because i never getting fat at all. it's so hard for me to getting fat. but the fact i'm so thin :(

Owl tank top - unbranded (brought it from Thailand), flowers hot pants - Color Box, red cardigan - Zara, socks - unbranded, wedges - A Little Thing She Needs, necklace - A Little things she needs, little bag - brought from Thailand, hand accessories - Mason&Me 

There's still a lot photos that i haven't uploaded yet. it still on my friend camera. (i didn't bring my SLR, my slr battery is low) promised to updated it later, after i got all of my photos from my friends. So, wait for my next post,kay? See ya!
 xo, R ♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mix And Match!

So, i'm about bored this night. And i decide to mix and match my clothes. Well, my mom angry with my because my wardrobe is so messy. Sorry mom, promise to fix it later!:p
I just love to mic and match my clothes. Because i can get a new style from it. yep, a new creativity:)
And i just wanna say thanks for my blog followers, you guys are amazing! Thanks for following me! Love you. 

 Dress - Topshop, Outwear - Cloth Inc Stocking - Brought it on Thailand , Wedges - Connection
 Sorry for didn't capture it good. As always, i capture it by myself. Hiks T^T 
Thanks for reading my blog anyway! Sorry can't talk much, i should study for tomorrowexam now. See y'all!

If you had time, please look my instagram on@ribkamalisee. Thanks!
xo, R ♥

Sunday, September 9, 2012

it's Sunday!

Blazer : Avenue collection - Skirt : Foreign Label - Sneakers : Gosh - Mustache neckle : Mason & Me (P.S: This is not a dress)
So,this is my outfit in sunday when i'm going for school. Sorry for not updating my blog these days. I've been busy with school projecr and exam. And also,as an OSIS i must meeting for my shcool competition on October. This is a big event. So i must help my teacherto do this. *sigh*

Mason & Me neckle
Actuallyi want to update my blog yesterday.But i just can't. I have a lot job to do. I have to finishing my painting. I promised to share mypainting afterit's done. And i should do some school homework. *sigh* and then, my SLR usb is g o n e. And i wish i can ask google 'where  my SLR usb' and google will answer 'In your desk' fiuh. but  i'm so glad i found it again after crying and ask my mom to help me find my SLR usb. Glad my mom found it, thanks so much mommy! i know, my mom would be there for me whenever i need her. She is mysuperhero, and ilovehersomuch!! But after i want to uploade my photo, my internet connection is can not connected. i'm just like *ARRRGGHHH WHAT A DAYY!!* you know, that thing was so easily to change my mood -___-  
And, Oh. i'm sorry for the ugly photo. I capture it by my self. As itold you, my sister is already going back to her collage :( and i miss her like so muchh *crying* but i promise to capture it more good than this, or maybe not? :p but i;m trying my best. See ya!
R, ♥